Diverse Policy Analysis Methods

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 What differentiates the value critical analysis from the analytic descriptive method evaluation? Note at least three differences. Identify the commitments inherent in the value critical approach. Which process would be best for analyzing the social issue you identified in the first discussion of Unit 1? The topic stopen about in unit one is : Alcohol an drug abuse. Reference: Chambers, D. & Bonk, J. (2013). Social policy and social programs: A method for the practical public policy analyst. (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson WK3DQ1 Goals and Objectives in Policy Development Explore the similarities and differences between goals and objectives, pointing out at least two similarities and two differences. Your response should include an example of an objective and an example of a goal related to the same program or policy. You can base your post on a federal, state, or agency program. Use this unit’s readings to inform your post and discussion. WK 3 DQ2 Developing Goals and Objectives For this discussion, imagine you are a social worker in a facility that provides treatment to substance abusers. How would you incorporate the concepts of social control and empowerment into your objectives?

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