Diversity in Action #1 (Jewish)

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Diversity in Action #1 (Jewish)


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To receive full points, you will be required to participate in at least TWO conversations/interviews with someone who identifies with one of the major ethnic/cultural “groups” we will discuss this term. For full credit you will need to give one brief presentation to the class (based on the interview – telling us what your interviewee wishes we all knew about their culture) AND one interview-discussion conducted with me. ***You may opt to do your second activity by participating in a WSU or community cultural experience that is “foreign” (new) to your own heritage, joining a discussion/presentation on campus/in the community that holds different traditions/background from your own, or providing community service for a group (or exploring an organization that provides service to your group). Alternative projects need to be “OK’d” in advance (by email or in person). You must complete the first of these projects by the date listed on the calendar below (or have a proposal for completing a longer/double project doing “both at once”). *For** full credit,* you will need to provide one BRIEF presentation to the class (2-4minutes – with a short write-up, usually the notes from your interview) I want you to have a conversation with the individual, asking them what their religion/heritage/background means to them – the only question I would like everyone to ask is the one listed (above) in the syllabus. Otherwise, you should ask them the things you would like to know about them and their experiences in the U.S. as a member of a diverse population. Make-up an interview about a Jewish man living here & is from Israel. Read the directions important must get full points.

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