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ASB Module 10 (4 Pages): CBC Video Case (Ch 8): CEO Pay: Clip SynopsisHugh Mackenzie, a research associate for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, discusses the contentious topic of CEO compensation. The Centre’s study reveals that Canada’s top 100 highest paid CEOs earned an average of $9.5 million last year, compared to the average annual salary of a full‐time Canadian worker, which was $49,510. Mackenzie discusses why the gap is so wide and offers some recommendations for how companies should address executive compensation.Questions:1.Are CEO salary levels appropriate in comparison to compensation received by other employees? Why or why not?2.Mackenzie indicates that the ratio of the pay at the top to the pay of the average employee is 193 times, whereas in the 1980s it was 40 times. In terms of what you know about compensation from reading this chapter, what do you think are the impacts of this growing gap, and what (if anything) do you think should be done to address it?

CBC Video Case (Ch 11) : Matching Immigrants to Jobs Boosts Population in Small Manitoba CityVideo Case SynopsisA program that matches new immigrants to jobs is boosting the population in Morden, Manitoba. The challenge in Morden is not in finding jobs, but in finding workers, and the Provincial Nominee program has been

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successful in helping local employers find the employees they need to run and grow their businesses. The City and the community have also been successful in creating a supportive and welcoming environment that has helped Morden buck the national trend of immigrants shunning smaller communities in favour of larger cities.1.Why do you think Morden has been successful in bucking the Canadian trend of immigrants leaving smaller communities in favour of living in larger cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal?2.The employers featured in the video story are relying on International Human Resources as an important element of their business strategy. What are some of the reasons for this and what are the advantages?

ASB Module 11: (3 pages)Analytic Skills BuilderDevelop your analytical skills by completing this video case activity in MindTap. This exercise will help you link HRM concepts, practices and strategies with application in real life.Complete details for this assignment can be found in the “Analytic Skills Builder Assignment” document located in the Assignments area, under the Course Materials tab.The Video link is located in MindTap and the case questions below.Note: There are two video case analyses to complete for this module worth 100 points each

(Total 200 points).This ASB is required, not optional.CBC Video Case (Ch 9): “We’re No Different,” Says Transgender Government Employee Clip SynopsisPublic Works Canada recently developed the government’s first transgender workplace guide. Kate Hart, a passport officer with Public Works, played a role in developing the document. “We’re no different,” says Hart, a transgender government employee who describes her workplace experience with transitioning and the guide, she helped create for the purposes of educating everyone, from the trans person to management, and to peer employees.Questions:1.How transgendered workers are treated in the workplace is just one example of where employee rights and managerial rights interact related to the goal of creating safe and supportive work environments. What are the lessons related to employee and managerial rights that can be attributed to the development of the guide described in the video story?2.Some employee rights are statutory, while others are contractual. When considering the initiative by

Public Works to create the guidebook for transgendered employees, in what ways do you think the initiative was influenced by legislation versus influences of a more voluntary nature?CBC Video Case (Ch 10): WestJet Employees Say Company is Breaking Labour Laws Clip Synopsis(Run Time: 3:04)WestJet flight attendants say the company is breaking labour laws, alleging that they are earning less than minimum wage because they only get paid for time in the air—not for the time they spend at airports or preparing the plane. Experts say the company may be violating a federal labour rule that requires companies to pay employees for all hours worked, not for just one activity.The link to this video is available in the Video Cases area, under the Course Materials tab.Questions:1.The video mentions that efforts are under way to organize WestJet’s flight attendants. Looking at the reasons why employees unionize, how much do you think the pay situation described in the video is a factor in these unionization efforts?2.As noted in the video story, pilots at WestJet Airlines recently voted to become unionized despite the airline’s policies of ownership, profit sharing, participation by workers on the board of directors, and several other inclusionary practices. It was reported in the press that workers were dissatisfied with certain changes in their work, and now the company’s flight attendants are organizing to form a union, citing dissatisfaction with their pay formula described in the video. Do you feel that unionization of WestJet’s flight attendants is inevitable, or might the organization effort fail? Explain and justify your response.

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