Do you think Alabama State University is a food desert

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Do you think that Alabama State University (ASU) is a “food desert?” In her 2010 speech, which we read recently (“Remarks to the NAACP”) First Lady Michelle Obama discusses certain roadblocks that families and children are facing, regarding the ability to eat healthy and live healthy lifestyles, ESPECIALLY African American families. She described how many families live in “food deserts.” These “deserts” are neighborhoods without quality grocery stores that offer access to fresh, healthy foods at affordable prices. As a result, families have to depend on buying unhealthy food from convenience stores instead. There are few opportunities for exercise and fresh air (no playgrounds, or it is too dangerous to go outside). Also, the schools that are located in these “deserts” don’t offer things to their students like healthy lunch menus, recess or gym programs. For this assignment, I want you to write a 3-4 page essay (DOUBLE SPACED!) about why you think (or don’t think) ASU is a food desert. You may want to develop in more detail your food desert freewriting assignments that w worked on in early September.

Pick three examples to prove your point, and write in as much detail about all of these examples that you bring up. (SHOW, DON’T TELL!) Each example should be a new paragraph in your essay! For instance, you can write about the quality of the meals in the dining hall, the fast food restaurants in the student union, the lack of grocery stores, the school gym, etc. Whatever you do, BE CREATIVE! You will be graded on the CONTENT of your essay (your 3 points, and the details that you use to bring these points to life), and the ORGANIZATION of your essay (spelling, grammar, etc.) Your essay should contain an introduction, an underlined thesis statement (a main idea that lists the 3 examples that you will talk about), a body and a conclusion. Remember to start a new paragraph for each different topic that you talk about (a new paragraph for each different example about how ASU is or is not a food desert.) Your conclusion should do more than just sum up your paper. Instead, you want to leave your readers with some food for thought. You want to be creative and original up until the very end. In your conclusion, you should write about the changes you wish would happen for healthier eating at ASU. What would you change about the food options, or the exercise options, if you could? Express these ideas in your conclusion. A note about copying: In the past, students have tried to copy the essays of other friends, classmates, teammates, fraternity brothers/sorority sisters, and pass this work off as their own. Or, they have “recycled” essays that other students may have written in years past. I take ANY suspicion of plagiarism very seriously. If I detect that an essay has been copied from some other source, then you risk failing the assignment. If I detect that you have copied an essay from someone IN THIS CLASS, then you BOTH risk receiving a failing mark. I will NOT accept plagiarism of any sort. Item SAMPLE THESIS STATEMENTS–food desert essay Thesis Statement Sample 1 Due to the fact that Alabama State has low availability to nutritious food, a very limited access to workout facilities, and the low affordability for  healthy food of Alabama State students, the statement that Alabama State is indeed a food desert could be made. Thesis Statement Sample 2 Alabama State is a food desert because the nearest grocery store is 0.7 miles away from campus and if a student goes to the grocery store they cannot cook the food because there are not any cooking facilities in the dorms and also the restaurants that are on campus is expensive. Thesis Statement Sample 3 Alabama State University is classified as such a place because of these three main reasons: (1) the location, (2) accessibility to a mainstream grocer, and (3) accessibility to a fringe food vender. Thesis Statement Sample 4 This fact is especially represented on college campuses like Alabama State which lacks nutritional variety in its foods, easy workout options, and healthy off campus restaurant options

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