Do you think Reconstruction was more beneficial or more detrimental to African-Americans and why?

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1a.Do you think Reconstruction was more beneficial or more detrimental to African-Americans and why? 1b.How should we remember the legacy of Reconstruction today? 2.Scenario: You are working in a company that has just now enthusiastically embraced the idea of work teams. Your former supervisor, now “Team Leader,” hasn’t been to the team leader training yet, but really likes the idea of working as a team. The team leader delivers the following pep talk on teamwork one Monday morning. “Hey, Group! Team of mine! Good morning! Wow, we’re all together again after a great weekend! Hey, how about that Blazers-Lakers game? So, this morning we’re going to start working as a team, just like those Lakers. You all know what to do, you know your parts, so get out there and play ball! I’m going to be calling each one of you into my office, one at a time, to talk about this team thing. Now, when I call you in, bring in a pad and pencil, because I’m going to be giving you all the team directions. Don’t worry about thinking up stuff to say or making any decisions, I’ve got it all figured out how this is going to run. In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be in my office; but try to make an appointment, because I’ll be doing my regular administrative stuff. Okay? Then here we go, team! Go team, go!” 2a.What kind of questions do you have about your supervisor’s pep talk? 2b.What kind of misconceptions does your supervisor have about working as a team? How would you gently and appropriately correct his or her misconceptions? 3.About 15 years ago, many years after the Civil Rights Act made discrimination in hiring illegal, a professor with a Ph.D. was interviewing for a research job at a university in California. Although many of the questions asked by the interviewer were clearly not allowable, the interviewer persisted. Some of those questions were: How old are you? Are you married? Do you have any children? How old are they? What type of day-care arrangement do you have? What type of backup day-care arrangements have you made? Are you planning on having more children? What kind of car do you drive? Is it reliable? How will you get to work if you have car trouble? Thinking about these questions, if you were considering hiring someone and wanted to be sure that you were hiring a reliable employee, these are things you might want to know as well. So, why can’t you ask these questions? What is inherently wrong with wanting to know these things about a potential employee – why is it illegal, when not directly related to job tasks? 4.What is meant by your niche? What is one suggestion to help you in doing this? What are you doing in order to find your niche?

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