doing labs #9 and #10 together

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I’m studying for my Science class and need an explanation.

Hey there

this is a lab chemistry and there are two labs reports to be done, follow the description and report’s questions.

The procedure in the lab_9_10 file

and there is a data for each “exp” to be com plated

In lab #9 you will prepare and standardize a solution of KMnO4 by performing a redox (oxidation-reduction) titration. In lab #10 you will use the solution you prepared in lab #9 to determine the mass of iron found in an iron supplement pill, again through a redox titration. The attached discussion details the slight shortcuts we will take to squeeze two lab sessions into one. If you read the material before you come, doing the two labs should take only a short amount of time more than doing any one of the previous labs.

However, even though we will be doing both labs during the same lab session there will be two separate reports – one for #9 and one for #10. I have attached the data page and the report page for each.

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