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Consider yourself as Global Manager for a Medical Company (Medawa) that is leading chain of retail pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Kingdom. This company uses digital solutions for their business, but it focuses heavily on its retails sales. However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the way how they do business has been remarkably impacted. Not just with sales, the impact of this pandemic effected the way this company work, communicate and operate. 

Therefore, as the global manager of this Medawamedical company you are required to develop a detail strategy on the following: 

• Introduction about the topic. • Explain what are the limited options that Medawa currently have regarding dealing with the pandemic.• What is the level of technology urgency Medawaneeds to sustain its performance?• As a global manager, leading from home involves the leverage of digital capabilities. What are these capabilities? List and explain at least 3.• Explain what type of virtual management characteristics will be implemented and why?• How the virtual teams will work together?

• What tools are they using for communications and task management?• How you will manage delivering the new changes within a short time in different locations in terms of language, cultural, time, political, and economical differences?• What are techniques that you will be using to create a strong team with a high level of teamwork?• What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a virtual team?• What type of conflicts might occur between members? When it happened how will you solve it?• As a manager how you will manage the outsourced projects?• What techniques that you will apply to encourage and motivate your team for improvement?• Conclusion. 

Keep in mind that the project MUST be supported by evidence and resources. Otherwise, your answer will not be valid. 

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