Earth Science Written Assignment 2

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Answer the questions below include the questions in your submission.


Will be submitted to turnit.

1.Describe the igneous rock cycle and the steps involved in the formation of mature rock. Include in your answer the effect that temperature has on the formation of igneous rock. Distinguish between igneous rock and intrusive igneous rock (granite).

2.Rocks undergo deformation when stress (force) is applied to them. Identify the ways in which rocks deform and the chemical and physical factors that are involved in the deformation process. Include in your answer a description of compressional and tensional forces.

3.There are a number of different types of volcanoes. They develop through different mechanisms. Identify each type of volcano, how they form, and the impact they have on the surrounding environment. Include in your answer a discussion of magma and lava, their development and their characteristics. Also, provide an example of each type of volcano.

4.Describe how an earthquake occurs, including a discussion of seismic waves. Include a discussion of p and s waves, how they form, and how they can be used to calculate the epicenter of an earthquake. Explain how earthquakes are measured. What factors determine the intensity of an earthquake and the damage it produces?

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