Eating Locally

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Craft page argument in favor of eating locally sourced food. Evaluates specific ways to implement a local diet. Classifies multiple examples of local food sources, and analyzes strengths and weaknesses of eating locally-sourced food. Analyzes ways to encourage others to eat locally, and provides personal examples as well as citations from reputable sources. Describes how to handle food waste in the home, and elaborates on how reducing food waste supports community-wide environmental health. • Identify the benefits of implementing a local diet. o What are the benefits to the environment? o How does a local diet conserve natural resources? o What are the potential benefits to human health? • Discuss specific ways in which you could implement a local diet. How could you (or do you) integrate a local diet into your lifestyle? o Identify several examples of local food sources you have access to. Are there farmers’ markets in your area? (Yes) o What is community supported agriculture (CSA)? What is the history of the CSA movement? Where is your nearest community supported agriculture farm (CSA)? (I live in Prattville, AL) • Identify sustainable methods for dealing with food waste in your home. How do you currently handle your family’s food waste? • Describe ways you could encourage others to eat locally.

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