Ecological Ethics and Economics: Clash of Worldviews

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Describe briefly an economic issue related to the environment from the Canadian news and then explain how the critique of the economic topic in terms of a biocentric and an ecocentric ethical view sheds new or different light onto the issue. Is either the biocentric or ecocentric position preferable as an analytical lense, or are both problematic as ethical theories of our relationship to the world? You should present the biocentric and ecocentric critiques in separate sections of the paper, so that their differences are easy to identify (this will be the hardest part of the essay for many). Your analysis should show how you could challenge people to rethink decision-making by taking into account ethical views of what is at stake. In other words, do not treat this as only hypothetical and impossible to accomplish, but rather as possible and persuasive—i.e., as a practical activity.

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