Economic & Explanations for Stratification

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Economic & Explanations for Stratification 

Do not use vocubulary words and straight to the point with answers. 1. From the Functionalist Perspective, explain why Davis and Moore argue economic straification functions toward providing Organic Solidarity in our Division of Labor. 2. What is evidence to support that despite economic stratification existing, the United States in a Meritocracy? (include the concept of Social Mobility in your response). 3. From a Conflict Perspective, explain why despite social mobility existing, the US lacks being a true Mertocracy (include the concept of reproduction and your responce).4.Why is Conspicuous Consumption one thing the Interactionist Perspective recognizes as a way social class stratification is reinforced? 5. What is an example of a Cultural Explanation for why these racial disparities exist? 6.What is Jennifer Lee’s theory of Hyper-Selectivity and how is it a Structural Explanation that helps explain the racial disparities between Asians and Hispanics. 7.When thinking about the difference between race and ethnicity, why is it argued that argued that painting Asians race as a Model Minority overlooks certain Asian ethnic group?8.Provide one specific example of how Structural Racism (which does not have to involve any individuals being consciously racist) can help explain the racial disparities that exist. Book used is: Our Social World Intro to Sociology 5th edition

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