editing my essay, topic: the print books and e-books

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For this essay, you will edit and revise my essay. I will post the guidelines of the revision and editing hand-out that my professor sent it to us, you need to improve 1) the global level of my argument and 2) paragraph structure and development; and then eliminate 3) grammatical errors, awkward or vague wording, and unnecessary sentences; and 4) correct all misspellings. The essay is about the print books and e-books. I read the article “You do like reading off a computer screen”, and then write my essay. So I will post the article for you to have a look my idea and how i write this essay. For my essay I only got 70%, the comment for my essay is :”Your essay develop a good analysis of the different role of print books and e-books. However, it fails to fulfill the requirement for this argument. Although you thesis is clear, you paper summarizes the author’s argument, instead of critically analyzing it”. So please also improve on analyzing.

file one is my essay, 2 is the article, 3 is the editing essay requirement.

If you have any question, please ask me.

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