Education Philosophy- Please Read In Bold.

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 Hello, Thank you for the help. I need this to be completed by 6pm PST Monday. Please don’t offer to take the deal if you cant complete it by the deadline. If you do a great job and follow the directions, I will use you again. PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM!!! The teachers and schools have ways to check. I can also check.  This assignment is 3 pages and the price is firm. APA format only!. Your philosophy of education will influence all of your activities in the classroom from how you teach, what you teach, how you manage your classroom, how you connect and relate to students, parents and colleagues, to how you engage in your own professional learning. Being able to articulate your beliefs and educational philosophy is a critical aspect of being an effective teacher and learner. In a two- to three-page paper, in addition to a title and reference page, create your philosophy of education. Please cite and reference at least one scholarly source, in addition to the textbook, in this assignment. Make sure your assignment is in APA format. Below are some reflection questions to help you get started. Use these questions to jump-start your thinking and to craft your educational philosophy.  What should students expect of you as a teacher? What should parents expect of you as a teacher? What do you expect of yourself as a teacher? What do you believe is the most important responsibility of being a teacher? What values in life are most important to you as a person? As a teacher? As a parent? And as a learner? What method of teaching do you rely on most often? How do you think students learn best? What do you want students to learn? What should your students know or be able to do as a result of being in your class? How can your teaching facilitate student learning? How do you as a teacher create an engaging or enriching learning environment? How do you engage with colleagues? What type of continual learning do you engage in? Think of this assignment as the one chance you have to land an interview at the school where you have always dreamed of working. In essence, your philosophy of education is the why, what, and how of your teaching and thinking, so be clear about your philosophy and provide specifics where applicable to make your points clear and connected to your current and future practice. Because you are being asked to choose only the most salient topics to write about, your paper should not exceed three pages. Your paper should be written in the first person and should be thoroughly edited. This paper should create a vivid portrait of you as a teacher. 

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