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Reinforcement and Learning How does reinforcement affect learning and what is the role of reinforcement in the classroom? Write a 4–5 page paper addressing your answer to the above question. Rubric Initial posting reveals a solid understanding of all given questions. A clear synthesis of theories and concepts is evident in the logical, factual, and relevant information. 26 pts Submission revealed a strong example of comparing and contrasting the required assignments and demonstrate an analysis of the issues in the assignment. 14pts The submission is an excellent examination of the issues of special needs classrooms from an administrator’s standpoint giving suggestions to address the issues. 8pts Applies more than one resource to initial response. Properly cites (i.e., APA) course materials and outside scholarly readings in initial posting; citations as needed in responses to classmates. 8pts No spelling, structure, or grammatical errors in any posting. Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments in an organized manner.  6pts

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