Effective Leadership in Health Care

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Academic essay: 3,000 words (+/- 10%) This essay relates to learning outcomes 1, 3 and 5. In this essay you should examine the relationship between leadership styles and change management in contemporary healthcare. Using local, national and global policy/guidance and research you should clearly outline the importance of effective leadership for nurses and how leadership theory can support the change you have identified making clear links to patient safety and/or reducing risk (1,500 words). Based on the first section, you will then complete a reflective account that will demonstrate your understanding of the behaviours and attributes associated with effective leadership. You will examine, using a reflective framework of your choice, your own role as a leader implementing change. You should consider your communication style and approach when taking a leadership role within your practice. The reflection should bring to the fore new learning and self-awareness related to how you work with, inspire and lead others and support effective partnerships (1,500 words). Specific guidance The essay should be structured as follows: • Introduction (250 words) • Leadership in nursing and leadership theory (1,500 words) • Personal reflection (1,000 words) • Conclusion (250 words) The essay should be supported appropriately with evidence from research and other related publications. This will come directly from part 2 of the assessment. Reference style APA 6th will be used throughout. The essay should be presented using Arial font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Work from the moodle based workbook activities and assignment 1 and 2 should be drawn upon to develop this final component. The first part of the essay exploring leadership theory should be written in the third person. The reflective part of the essay can be written in the first person. A reflective framework must be cited and used for the reflective section of the essay. Reflective and other notes from your online activities completed in moodle can and should be used in the personal reflection

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