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Select a ‘real world’ company of your choice which satisfies the following criteria 1) is a minimum of 20 years
old, 2) has more than 10,000 employees and 3) has an operational presence in more than five countries 4) is
listed on a stock exchange(s) and 5) has paid dividends.
Prepare record and upload the link to an individual oral video presentation of 15 minutes in length.
Required (1-3):
Your presentation should discuss the effectiveness of the company’s practices and structures regarding the
three following themes:
1. The role of board of directors in corporate governance and competitiveness
2. Performance of Socially Responsible investment (SRI) stocks
3. Analysis and evaluation of investments for value creation
(Indicative oral video presentation length for required 1-3 above: 12 minutes)

Having analysed the above three themes for your selected company, discuss how would you as a finance
professional help the company take business expansion related strategic decisions in a competitive
environment where responsible business practices may have a price.
(Indicative oral video presentation length for required 4 above: 3 minutes)



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