email You are off to a great start! In this past week’s l

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You are off to a great start! In this past week’s lesson we examined the role education plays in society questioning if the institution is truly a social equalizer. In the Ted Talks video How American’s Public Schools Keep Kids in Poverty, K-12 teacher Kandice Sumner suggests a different role. Do you agree with her assessment? Which sociological theory would best support her perspective?

Send me a short note with your thoughts.

please address her as Professor, also incorporate that i am a preschool teacher somewhere in there … Thank you.
this is just an email to write back to her .

Hi, can you also add on their sorry for the delay in teh response my daughter was sick. Also ask her if this is going to be considered extra credit since its not part of my homework with a ha haha

i agree and disagree i agree that there is a unfairness in education but ifyou have a teacher that is a great teacher all she needs is a blackboard and chalk and teach without the extra resources. A teacger is teh biggest resourse

public school should not be funded by taxes it should be equal and providing a great eduaction will make our economy better.

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