Emerging Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

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Emerging Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis


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Attached is my paper, instructions, and references. As you’ll see, I did not use all of these references but are there if you decide to use any of these. I tried submitting this to my mentor but was denied. Here is his last email to me in regards to the paper: “Hi, In reference to your RLRA paper, I checked out the text references as I went along and you did not follow APA format. Adding “et al.” after the first authors names, as you have done, is not sufficient in many cases. With two authors, you put both of their names for example. Many of the years differed between text and reference list, and one of your text references is not in the reference list. Please look in the APA style document I sent you. The writing is still very difficult beyond where I examined before, and I’m not sure that the entire text was re-visited and amended. The whole document needs to be revised in terms of writing style and clarity. I realize that you are trying to finish up your studies here, but you must still produce a high quality paper. By producing a higher quality paper, it will pass through without contest. Otherwise, it will be a slow process. If you are experiencing anxiety over this, then it might be wise to consult a writing specialist at this time. Best regards”

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