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1. Explain how technology has changed the learning environment.

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2. What types of learning outcomes are best suited for mobile learning? Explain.

3. What are the differences between expert systems and electronic performance tools?

4. Why are MOOCs a promising way to deliver learning? What are their limitations?

5. Discuss how new technologies make it easier to learn. How do they facilitate transfer of training?

6. Is all Internet training the same? Explain.

7. What are some potential problems with using games and gamification for training?

8. What is social media? Explain how it can be used for training.

9. Explain learner control, sharing, and linking. How do they contribute to the effectiveness

of e-learning?

10. What is repurposing? How does it affect the use of new technologies in training?

11. Distance learning can be used to deliver a lecture to geographically dispersed trainees.

How might distance learning be designed and used to avoid some of the learning and up

transfer of training problems of the traditional lecture method?

12. Why would a company use a combination of face-to-face instruction and web-based training?

13. What conditions are best for the use of social media tools as part of a learning solution?

14. What is the most important way adaptive training differs from other training methods?

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