ENG 101-love you to death lifetime movie and Why doctors purposely misdiagnose patients the article.Select subject/topic that the two genres are focusing on.

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The genres chosen areLove you to death a lifetime movie and

Why doctors purposely misdiagnose patients the article- website


Genre: Genre Analysis Length: 3-5 pages Format: MLA



 Select subject/topic that the two genres are focusing on. Include the title of each piece, the genre type, and the author or company name of each in the introduction.

 State the thesis in introductory paragraph-state work ethic

 Briefly outline the main ideas in each genre

 Involve who, what, where, when, why and how

Compare and Contrast Analysis: Must be written in point by point of both genres in this section.
 State the audience, the comparison and the purpose for the comparison.

 Develop paragraphs that support and explore your topic in a persuasive manner.

 Use appeals to logic, ethics (credibility), and pathos (emotion/need), convince the reader to agree with your conclusion about your topic.

Critical Analyses:
Audience and Purpose Questions: This will need to be explain by charters, theme, and setting
 Who is the intended audience for each genre?

 What is the purpose of the information presented in the genres? (inform, persuade, entertain)

Rhetorical Issues: Ethos, Pathos and Logos:
 How does each genre help to establish the information’s credibility? Is it effective?

 How does each genre help to evoke an emotional response from the audience? Which emotions? Why?

 What types of evidence are used to support the claims of the information in the genres? Is it appropriate? Why or why not?

 How formal/informal is the language?

 What specialized vocabulary is used?
 Restate your thesis in new words.

 Which genre was more effective in conveying its message? Why?

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