ENG102 (2 Discussion Forum Responses 150 Words Each and 1 APA Citation Each)

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Please respond to POST 1: and POST 2: below in at least 150 words and 1 APA citation each.



I recently used persuasive writing in the workplace. I work in the

medical field treating cancer patients, and the purpose of my piece was

to convince physicians that it was more effective to treat prostate

patients using fiducial markers.

Fiducial markers are small seeds made of gold or another material that are visible using imaging techniques. These seeds can be used to locate the treatment area. My goal was to persuade more physicians to use fiducial markers to make imaging easier on the treating therapists.

The University of Minnesota states that bias can be included in a persuasive essay, as long as the writer is honest about bias and uses sound evidence to make their argument. A persuasive essay respectfully describes both sides of the issue and makes a strong argument in favor of one side. My writing acknowledged that treating without fiducial markers is possible and has been done for many years. However, I was clear that I appreciated the use of fiducial markers and stated that anything that makes imaging easier is an advantage. There are risks inherently involved in implanting fiducial markers, which is a reason to avoid their use. A persuasive paper would not be fair if you didn’t mention both sides of the argument.

My paper and the papers of others helped to convince more physicians to utilize fiducial markers. It was helpful for them to see the point of view of a therapist that uses the markers on a daily basis to treat patients. If treating patients is easier and more accurate, outcomes will be better and everyone will benefit, especially the patient.


University of Minnesota. (2019). Persuasion- writing for success. Retrieved October 8, 2019 from https://



Dr. Walther and Class:

We all interpret the world differently, through systems 1 (subconscious mind (e.g. breathing, fight or flight, and heuristics/natural built-in safety mechanisms)) and systems 2 (e.g. conscious thought or critical and creative thinking (Or what am I going to wear?)). Within this framework, there are seven learning generalizations or, more specifically, hybrid percentages of each learning style that individuals categorize into, less other significant message delivery considerations such as intelligence, communication -mediums (face-to-face or virtual), and linguistics (language (e.g. sign language) and changes in definitions over time). After interconnecting these premises, a conclusion is met that we all filter information to our own preferences resulting in a different view of the same world that is if two or more individuals were with each other always since birth. Though, if two or more individuals where together in this example and each had opposite leaning preferences say Aural and Logical, they would still be more like each other than not, but simultaneously they would still filter and see the world very differently.

In theory, there are more differences than similarities within generalizations. Therefore, to persuade the audience on what the messenger wants the audience to do, the communicator must research their audience to determine the most effective and efficient method of achieving the messages purpose-results. In conclusion, there is clearly no “one way” writing strategy for all situations as each has its time and place, and in the instance of conveying difficult or priority messages, all methods to include calculated, hybrid message, delivery ratios may be required in unison with reiterating key points in different fashions to captivate the different learning styles within the defined audience.

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