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write a 6-8 paragraph essay in response. The essay must have a clear strong thesis that presents the argument of the essay. The support for the thesis must come in the form of objective analysis (analysis not relating to the texts) and textual support from the 2-3 of the readings you have read and did work for since the beginning of the semester. The minimum number of quotes is 3 and the maximum number is 4. These must be cited in MLA format. Avoid writing in first or second person. DO NOT USE ARTICLES FROM THE INTERNET OR DATABASES. YOU CAN ONLY USE TEXTUAL SUPPORT FROM THE TEXTS FROM OUR TEXTBOOK AND LISTED WITH THE PROMPT. A Works Cited page is not necessary, so be sure to include title, author, and page number in MLA format when citing.


Technology and modernity have created new forms of appetites that demand attention, such as social media and social networking. Many have become obsessed or enamored with these new forms of ‘communication’, and this may lead to either helpful or detrimental practices and views. Analyze the way technology and modernity have influenced the way people communicate and how this may affect the mental health (positively or negatively). Support should come general analysis from your observations and from “Online Lives, Offline Consequences: Professionalism, Information Ethics, and Professional Students” (485) and “Watch That Tweet! Monitoring of Student Athletes’ Social Media” (490)

recources attached if needed

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