Equality of Educational Opportunity

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Description ** Please note ** 2 separate essay items. See attached uploaded doc file with further details. Thanks. Item #1 – Equality of Educational Opportunity Topic: Discuss the issues surrounding the so-called “feminization of poverty,” and the impact of this process on equality of opportunity for education. Format: approx. 2100 words Sources: Number of sources: Item #2 – Multiculturalism, Culture and Identity in the Classroom Topic: “A commitment to equity means a commitment to social justice. This includes a commitment to removing established barriers and biases in school policies, programs, and practices so that the intended learning outcomes may be achieved by students of all societal groups, including those that have been traditionally disadvantaged. (** Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Document 1993, cited in Varpalotai, p. 242) 1) Discuss the above statement in relation to traditionally disadvantaged groups within the education system and the “established barriers and biases” that exist for these groups. 2) Critically evaluate strategies for the eradication of such biases, and for establishing recognition of differences and inclusion within the curriculum. 

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