Essay about “The Lemon Tree” or “Iran Awakening”

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Write an essay in response to ONE of the following two questions. Essays must be five pages in length; shorter papers will receive a penalty. Please avoid formatting tricks such as triple spacing, enormous margins, and half page headings; these maneuvers will also incur a penalty. Please use 12 font and 1 inch margins, and double space your paper. Employ correct spelling and grammar to avoid point deductions; a quick spell check can save you points! Avoid use of the first person, contractions, present tense verbs, and sentences ending with prepositions

Clearly reference scenes and personalities from the documentary and any references you make from the assigned readings or other books. PLAGIARISM is strictly prohibited.

  1. How does the idea of suffering shape both Palestinian and Israeli national identity? Use The Lemon Tree and class lectures to analyze the theme of suffering in the development of Israeli and Palestinian nationalism.
  1. In Iran Awakening, Shirin Ebadi writes: “Reza Shah was the first, but not the last, Iranian rule to act out a political agenda… on the frontier of women’s bodies.” Analyze this quotation and the broader ways in which Iranian rulers used women and their bodies to enact and enforce a political agenda.

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