essay outline 2

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The second part of the prompt asks you to grade yourself on a scale of one to ten on how responsible you are for sweatshops. Your answer to this question should be the topic sentence to either your third or fourth body paragraph (depending on how many paragraphs you wrote for Part One). Your explanation to the grade you give yourself, (along with support from either the assigned article, supporting articles, or documentary), should form the body paragraph.

The idea behind having you grade yourself on how responsible you are for sweatshops, is to have you think about your place in the global community, and to think about how your actions affect others around the world (if you think they affect others at all).

The final body paragraph should be your counter argument and rebuttal paragraph. The counter argument should recognize be against who you said is the most to blame for sweatshops. The rebuttal should counter, the counter argument and explain why your argument in who you blame is correct.

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