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Why does Natalia Sylvester write this story in this political moment?
Why does Sylvester write this story moving between the past and the present? How does this mimic the way in which we normally think on a daily basis?
Why does Sylvester begin the novel with the appearance of Omar?
Why does Sylvester bring Omar, who is deceased, in as a character? For those of us, including myself, who are from cultures where the “supernatural” is considered a part of life in many ways how does this mirror that flow between the world of the living and the world of those who have passed?
Why does Omar describe “being dead as something that makes a person more attuned to others?
How does Sylvester describe the crossing into the United States? How does this relate to current events? Why does mainstream news so rarely depict what people go through who cross through the desert?
How do you think Eduardo feels when he has to go live with Isabel and Martin?



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