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The objective of this assessment is to apply the knowledge and experience acquired with IT Project
Management concepts, tools and methods gained through the lectures and activities to a Case Study
Problem. You are required to identify key project parameters during the phases of project life cycle
which can accurately estimate the project flow and resources, project milestones and detailed cost
estimation. You will also need to employ project execution and monitoring techniques which lead to a
successful project closing, risk assessment and control and recommendations.
The following ULOs are assessed in this assessment.
LO1 Demonstrate ability to skilfully manage projects by putting to effective use various IT
project management tools and techniques.
LO2 Critically analyse project parameters and identify the key processes from the available
project management book of knowledge in practical case scenarios.
LO3 Independently analyse project flow, resources, timelines and budget requirements using
PM Tools.
LO4 Apply emerging PM principles and state of the art tools to manage project scope, project
time and resourcing.
LO5 Carry out research studies to provide expert judgement on the project progress and
strategize contingency and fall-back plans to ensure project deliverables are met as

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