Executive Leadership

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1)Discussion: 250 word discussion and 2 replies on discussion for 150words each

How would you assess communication within your organization or within your university? Give examples of good and poor communication in your organization/university.

2) Individual PowerPoint presentation(10-150 slides with notes).APA format, for citations and references:

1.Which leadership style would Fiedler say Li Chang uses?

2.Using Exhibit 4.3 on page 115, Fiedler’s contingency leadership model, what situation and leadership style are appropriate for the production department and for the custom design department?

3.Why isn’t Chang doing an effective job in the design department?4.What would Fiedler and Kerr and Jermier recommend that Chang do to improve performance?

5.Which of the two basic continuum leadership styles would Tannenbaum and Schmidt recommend for Chang and other managers of the design department?

6.Which path–goal leadership style would House rec-ommend for Chang and other managers of the design department?

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