Exegesis Essay on Biblical studies and Archeology

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Exegesis Essay on Biblical studies and Archeology

The paper should really be about 5-6 pages in length. You were assigned reading to provide insight into what it means to look at a biblical passage in this manner. I also prepared a detailed document that is meant to help guide you through this process. This document also provides formatting instruction as well as how the paper is to be arranged. I strongly urge you to review this document: Exegesis (Bible Archaeology) Grading Guide with respect to the Paper. I am also PowerPoints I created that tell you what to watch out for (Brown) and additional descriptions (with visuals in some cases) of methods. In addition, though it is not required, I have uploaded worksheets that I have provided to students in the pass. Though that particular project is supposed to be 20 pages – they are still relevant to your task , even at a micro level.

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