Explain in a brief paragraph the meaning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

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1) video ( Based on this video, explain in a brief paragraph the meaning of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Do you think this could be applied to today’s context? How? Give specific examples. Here is the link( http://youtu.be/6OIdNgzYCCU) 2) Make a list of all the moral issues presented in this video. According to J. Rachels, what is the core of Ethics? Pick a case where you could accept the practice using Moral Relativism as a tool to support your argument. Pick a case where you could not accept the practice and use Moral Absolutism to support your argument. here is the link ( https://youtu.be/6OIdNgzYCCU) 3) Based on this video, provide an ethical decision toward the case of the Bakum Dam. Identify your ethical position and explain. In addition, discuss the downside of Utilitarianism Here is the ( https://youtu.be/bQfAQ3q722M) Please summarize each of this video( minimum 2 paragraphs each video.

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