Explain the importance of it for social science/politics

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 This will be a blue book exam. Please bring a blue book to the class the day of the midterm. There will be a short answer and essay portion. Students will be able to choose from the group of questions. The test will last approximately 60 minutes. The following list of items is not exhaustive. Please feel free to study in groups/consult the instructor as you prepare. For each item, be able to define it (no more than 1 sentence), explain the importance of it for social science/politics, and discuss how it might relate to other concepts listed here. Some terms are explicitly put next to each other with a “vs” to encourage you to compare and contrast them. Many items reference topics/phenomena discussed in research articles included on the syllabus. For these, discuss how the authors approach examining the topic and what their key findings were. —————————————— Bias (selection, confirmation) Decision theory Rationality vs. morality vs. logic Prospect theory Heuristics Game theory Principal agent models First law of causation Institutions vs. behavior Electoral college inversions Experimental tests of partisanship Voter identification laws and voter suppression Voter turnout and social pressure Public policy Public administration Judicial decision-making Privatizing prisons Storm bulletins, elections, and political representation Democratization Gender Kuznetz curve Regime types and development

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