Explain the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure along with their business benefit

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Explain the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure along with their business benefits.

Grid computing, cloud computing and virtualized computing are the components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure. They are sustainable due to the benefits associated with the components. Business are using the resources and application remotely as they travel to and from business affairs. Even with the latest technology, business can store their important data in case a device is lost or stolen confidential information is safe. This will avoid identity theft that is likely to happen. Components are basically built in laptops, phones and tablets leaving easy access to important documents. Grid computing: A collection of computers, often geographically dispersed, that are coordinated to solve a common problem (Rajaraman, 2016). Cloud computing: The use of resources and applications hosted remotely on the Internet. The term comes (at least in part) from the image of a cloud to represent the Internet or some large networked environment. Virtualized computing: The creation of multiple virtual machines on a single computing device. Another benefit is resources available through computers, databases and computer controlled scientific instruments that are associated to many devices.

Rajaraman, V. (2016, May). Grid Computing. Journal of Science Education, 21(5), 401-415.

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