Family Nurse Practitioner Issues and Trends: Foundations of Practice

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Family Nurse Practitioner Issues and Trends: Foundations of Practice 

FNP Issues and Trends: Foundations of Practice As you begin your specialty specific curriculum, it is important to understand the role, scope, and standards of practice for the family primary care nurse practitioner as well as the issues surrounding practice. It is essential knowledge to lay the foundation of your future practice as an FNP. >Specific Instructions: Please explore the following websites and review the national position papers. The issues and trends presentation this semester is designed to give you an overview of the FNP role, standards of practice, scope of practice, and current issues in the role. Use these resources and your own research to prepare a presentation on these foundational topics. The presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint. You will use the attached grading rubric for specific content requirements. As you will see, the content requirements are very specific. Therefore, there is no minimum required number of references, but you must site all sources. Resources FNP Practice Resources: Explore the American Association of Nurse Practitioners’ Position Statements and Papers. Read the Position Statements on Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice. Explore the National Council of State Boards of Nursing site for general information on how state practice acts govern nursing’s standards and scope of practice. Right to Practice Resources: Explore the The Consensus Model for APRN Regulation, Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Explore the National Council of State Boards of Nursing site for general information on how state practice acts govern nursing’s right to practice (Title and Licensure). Explore the AANP and ANCC sites for FNP Certification information. Review Qualifications and Eligibility criteria for certification. These two programs by HRSA and TJC give a good explanations of credentialing and privileging: HRSA’s Health Center Program information: Credentialing & Privileging of Health Center Practitioners & TJC’s Ambulatory Care Program: The Who, What, When, and Where’s of Credentialing and Privileging THIS IS THE GRADING RUBRIC: Points Possible Topic 5 Structure: First Slide- Title slide with student name 25 Content: Nurse Practitioner (NP) Role 1.Define NP “role” (What is an NP?). (5 points) 2.Discuss the history of the nurse practitioner role, in general. (5 points) 3.Define the family nurse practitioner. (5 points) 4.Discuss the history of the FNP role. (5 points) 5.Explain the significance of the FNP role to promote and preserve healthy communities. (5 points) 15 Content: FNP Practice 1.Define the NP Scope of Practice and Standards of Practice. (5 points) 2.Discuss the relevance of State Practice Acts regulating FNP scope of practice.(5 points) 4.Discuss one issue or challenge related to role delineation/implementation. (5 points) 20 Content: Right to Practice 1.Define/Describe FNP national certification. (5 points) 2.Define/Describe FNP state licensure, in general. (5 points) 3.Differentiate between FNP licensure and certification and provide examples of each concept. (5 points) 4.Define/Describe credentialing (verification of credentials) AND privileging of the FNP in a healthcare facility. (5 points) 10 Content: Healthcare Policy and Legislation 1.Differentiate between legislative and regulatory processes. (5 points) 2.Discuss one legislative or regulatory issue for the FNP. (5 points) 10 Structure: Final Slide- APA Reference Slide: Includes a reference page of all resources utilized in the assignment in APA format. If journal articles are utilized, they must have been written in the past 5yrs 10 Scholarliness: Development, organization, and structure. Spelling, grammar (if writing in full sentences), and professional speech. Use of APA format. Uses very minimal, if any, direct quotations. 5 References: Uses references and literature appropriately to support presentation Maintains proper slide; late submission : 100 Total

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