Fashion martketing and communications

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Fashion martketing and communications


Paper details:

My topic: the customer of Nordstrom(a store name) can only be paying in-store on the line by card or online by PayPal, no other way. this will have a negative impact on the company’s customer journey, also other retailers, for example, Bloomingdales and Saks fifth avenue have muti-ways to make payments like wechatpay or apple pay. I think Nordstrom has the necessary to improve the shopping experience. My proposal is mobile payments, customer can pay right after they try the clothing by drict scan the barcode on the clothing. according to the data from Statista, most people willing to pay through mobile payment. but they also worry about the financial security issue. the questionnaire survey is from a platform called SUZY. ** the satista data is in the resources for LA1, may need username and password to log in.use the username and password I provid above.

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