Fat Intake Analysis & DRI Report

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Fat Intake Analysis & DRI Report 

There are four parts to this Fat Intake Assignment. Be sure to answer all four parts completely and thoroughly. Put them all in the same Word document, but do not forget to attach the labels from the Part 1 and the screenshot from Part 2. NOTE: Part 1 may involve going to the store, so do not wait until the last minute to do this! Part 1: Compare regular and reduced-fat or non-fat versions of 2 food products (for a total of 4 products). Compare calories, ingredients, and taste. Please include the ingredients and nutrition facts labels. Part 2: Complete a cardiovascular disease risk assessment at the following website: https://healthyheartscore.sph.harvard.edu/ (Links to an external site.) Post a screenshot of your results. Describe in detail any risk factors that you can reduce or eliminate. How? Part 3: Do you eat foods with hydrogenated fats/oils? If so, list at least two and if the nutrition label mentions them. (Hint: unless you make everything from scratch, you probably do). If you do not, then mention 2 common foods that do and if the nutrition label mentions them. Part 4: The following is found in your patient’s lipid profile blood test: Lipid profile What is found to be normal, if any? What is found to be abnormal, if any? What changes could your patient make to possibly improve their profile? As with any written assignment, it is expected that this paper will follow APA formatting throughout including a title and reference page and references. Additionally, well thought out and detailed responses to each prompt are expected. Aim for 3-5 good paragraphs per prompt. Bring in outside resources to demonstrate your science-based critical thinking skills as well as your application to medicine & nursing and knowledge integration.

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