Feasibility Report on (Sears.)

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(SEAR.) in comparison with Amazon Basic breakdown of FUTURE report content: Your formal report follow the guidelines addressed in class and must include: 1. Letter (Memo) of Transmittal 2. Title Page 3. Executive Summary 4. Table of Contents/List of Illustrations 5. Introduction 6. Discussion or “Body” (include visuals with written discussion) a. Establishment and Example of Problem (at least 2 visuals) b. Statement of Solution c. Example of Solution [include researched, real example(s)] (at least 2 visuals) d. Solution Implementation (include financial discussion) (at least 3 visuals) e. Potential Results (at least 1 visual) 7. Conclusion and Recommendations 8. Reference Page for Research Documentation —————————————————— What is your company? What is your pretend role in the company? CEO, Online Marketing (SEARS ) What is the problem? What are some specific displays of this problem? (Do a little informal research to find specifics.) The problem is in the past ten years SEARS, they have closes more and more stores, due to weak accelerate performance and the decline of malls shopper across the country. Sears at one time the iconic retail chain, was forced into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy files were approved and the corporation has only 425 stores remained open as of April 2019, with left nearly 45,000 jobs intact of 2019. The company had an approximately 700 stores left open in the U.S., compared to 3,500 Sears and Kmart when they merged in 2005 combine. What is your solution? As a new CEO, I plan on cleaned up disorganized stores and shuttered some failing locations into warehouse shipping point. I will mplement on hiring new media management exclusive to products and improved service regarding Transferring more sales to our online customer. We want to use similar shipping strategy like Amazon primes. The most importantly is to integrate the online and in-store experiences with new well train staff. We need to both gainnig back profits and company stock price to a new level. What is the researched example of the solution? What companies have proposed similar procedures? Best Buy is the world’s largest brick-and-mortar electronics store. But a few years ago, it looked like it may join former competitors like Circuit City. Using their solution Best Buy partner with private equity firms to buy the company and by back our debt. Best Buy was able to stay nimble. In fact, it’s only gotten nimbler. Since 2012, , Best Buy has actually cut its debt load in half and increased its cash on hand almost threefold. In what way(s) will you implement this solution? 1- Buy partner with private equity firms to buy the company and by back our debt. 2- Gain a higher margin through strict cost control. 3- online marketer to improving its balance sheet. 4- Need to provide consumers important physical interaction with products. 5- Giving customer the opportunity to sell consumers on additional products that integrate with Amazon’s Fire TV and Alexa capable products.

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