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Clyde is an addictions counselor at a local mental health center and has worked in the field for the past 15 years. He has been married, for the second time, for the past 5 years. Clyde has worked a 12-step recovery program for 17 years. At work, he believes he is increasingly asked to do more with less and feels frustrated with how he is asked to know more about the field of addictions (working with specific issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence) and working with special populations (women and racial minorities). Clyde is also upset that his agency may be having cutbacks, which will mean more responsibility for him. In particular, the new director of his agency called Clyde into her office and yelled at him for being ‘too independent’ on the job and compared him with recent graduates working at the agency, whom she views as more open to teamwork and new ideas. Since that incident he has spoken very little to others at work except to say that he feels burned out and overwhelmed by stress. He has lost interest in activities he used to enjoy, such as car racing and watching sports.

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1. What type of authority response did Clyde experience, and how did it affect him?

2. What recommendations would you make to Clyde about staying or leaving the agency? The field of counseling?

3. What recommendations would you make to him about self-care?

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