Fighting Hate Crimes, Racism, and Bullying on College Campus

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Fighting Hate Crimes, Racism, and Bullying on College Campus

The purpose of this project is to select a social problem & create a presentation (including handouts, video, PowerPoint, audio, or other media) for presentation to the class and an audience of your peers– specifically to provide both educational information (about the “facts”) and to inspire and empower people about how to create change (solving or ameliorating the “problem” you’ve selected). Imagine that you are talking to a skeptical or cynical group of students about one of the issues you’ve learned about in this class – and they’re asking questions like “So what?” “Why should I care?” or “Ok, I understand it’s a BIG problem, but what can I do to make a difference?” Your presentation should answer these questions and inspire, motivate, and inform them as to how they can “be part of the solution. **1-page** handout with the “facts” and “what you can dos” and “resources for more information” for the issue. Also write a **2 page paper** (typed, single-spaced, 1″ margins, 10-12pt. Times New Roman font, stapled) in which you discuss the following issues, each in their own section: 1. Why you chose this social problem (why its’ of interest to you, personally), 2. Provide basic information about the social problem (including facts and data). 3. Why, we should care about this social problem, what is already being done to “solve” this social problem, what we can do to help solve this social problem, and resources for more information. 4. References to course readings or other articles and resources are expected to give substance to your writing. 5. You should use a consistent reference style, such as APA or MLA for any sources cited in your paper.

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