Final draft of argumentative paper that supports that violent video games affect kids negatively

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I have a first draft that needs to be corrected and add to its length ( 5 – 7 pages without references ). Attached are the sources you are allowed to use ( I couldn’t upload all files, so I will send them to you ). And here are the requirements, and they must be met:

Argument Paper


Assignment Overview

You are writing a formal academic manuscript which must meet the guidelines listed below. See Final Draft Specifics and Rubric for detailed requirements.

  • Minimum 5-7 pages for the final draft; double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Formatted according to MLA style
  • Use of correct in-text citations of any ideas or information borrowed from sources
  • A formal list of all sources (a Works Cited list) used, following MLA style.


Have something
to say

Note that your thesis statement must take a stand on the issue, problem, or controversy you address, expressing your focused, debatable, and supportable view on some aspect of the problem or controversy.


Back up what you say

You have already begun to select evidence to support your view. Much of this evidence may come from the sources in your Annotated Bibliography. But you may also need to find new credible and relevant sources beyond those you’ve already collected.

You must include at least one counterargument in your project, in which accurately present at least one viewpoint or claim in opposition to your stance and effectively refute that claim, using sound reasoning and valid evidence.

Overall, you must use at least 5 credible sources. You may certainly use (and may well need) more than 5 sources. Use at least 7 quotations and/or paraphrases from your sources, cited using correct MLA in-text citations. In your essay, material from your sources should be discernible from each other, and your own writing voice should be discernible from those of the sources.


Establish form and structure

In the Working Outline, you have already begun to develop an organization for this draft. This step, though, will guide you as you refine your organizational strategy based on your rhetorical situation and your refined thesis statement. If you should choose not to complete a working outline, you will need make sure you are grouping ideas into main points and making logical connections, effectively sequencing your information, keeping your focus on supporting your thesis, and most importantly, creating a logical flow.


Get feedback

Students will conduct Peer Reviews and you will have a one-on-one conference with me during your writing process for this paper. .

After you receive feedback from your peers in class, you will need to review this feedback and develop a strategy for how to apply that feedback to a revision.



Keep in mind that your revisions should incorporate peer response feedback you received from your peers as well as guidance offered by me.


Strengthen your voice

During your revising process, you will need to think about and make changes to your draft based on language choices: developing your voice, tone, and writing style in the draft.


Make it correct

In this step, you will look for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and correct them. You will also look to confirm that you correctly cited your sources and correctly formatted your draft according to MLA style and make any necessary corrections.

**** Because you will not have the opportunity to revise this essay after it is graded, it is recommended to have someone review your essay again before you turn it in. You can use the Writing Lab, schedule an appointment with CAE (Center of Academic Excellence), schedule an appointment with the ESOL tutor (Carolyn Carpenter), use (link is in Ivy Learn), or schedule an appointment with your instructor.


Submit your Paper

Submit your paper to IvyLearn.

Remember that your file name cannot contain any special characters and you need to upload a Word file or a Rich Text Format file. The name of the file should be your name and argument essay (i.e. JoJohnsonArgumentEssay.doc)

If your file cannot be opened, it will not be graded. It is important that you go back into the assignment once you have finished uploading your paper to see if you can see your paper uploaded.

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