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Part 1:

Choose one of the philosophy sub-genres of business

philosophies mentioned in this week’s reading:

  • Financial

Then, summarize the section and explain the key points. Next, consider what rhetorical moves the sub-genre covers and explain them. Last, consider how you would write your own version of that sub-genre and write a brief outline of what you’d cover.

Part 2:


Using the types of business philosophies used in this week’s reading of Let My People Go Surfing, make a glossary entry for one of the seven philosophy types. Choose finance as a philosophy you want to post in the glossary. For the first paragraph in the glossary, explain what the philosophy means according to your understanding, examples from the textbook, and information from the internet.

For the second paragraph, apply that to your personal life and future career. How might you write about these elements in your own philosophy? What aspects did you notice that you can relate to?

Grading Criteria

If you respond to all the questions and create a coherent entry, you will receive 4 out of 5 points. If you follow the criteria on what constitutes an A from the course description/syllabus you can receive a 5.

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