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Journal Entry #7: Nonverbal Communication Based upon Chapter 7 (Nonverbal Communication) and Lectures: Nonverbal Communication Interpersonal Journal Assignment 8 Interpersonal Communication

1. Think about a recent communication exchange you had with your Partner. What nonverbal cues were present? (Think about the nonverbal codes we discussed in class as well as are discussed in the book, such as oculesics, kinesics, chronemics, etc.). Did you have difficulty interpreting the nonverbal cues of your Partner? Did the nonverbal cues communicate anything that was in conflict with the spoken message? Explain.

2. Think about a time when you were experiencing a strong emotion and how that affected your communication with your Partner. What emotion were you feeling? What nonverbal cues do you (think) you exhibited? How did your Partner react to you? Did your partner acknowledge (verbally or nonverbally) the nonverbal cues you were expressing? What affect did the nonverbal expression of your emotion have on your Partner and the subsequent communication?

3. Watch a television show you haven’t seen with your Partner with the sound turned off. Both of you should make a note of what you think is occurring on the show, based upon the nonverbal cues. Compare your responses with your Partner. Did you come to the same conclusions? What nonverbal cues did you notice that led you to those conclusions? Did you pay attention to different cues? Why do you think there were differences in what you observed and concluded?

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