fire performance

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Watch the videos and create a discussion using questions below. The first video is a local fire department that has made the local news by performing at the local school. Notice their pink shirts. Not only are they teaching fire and life safety to the children, they are promoting breast cancer awareness during the month of October.

The next video is the day at a busy station at the Phoenix Fire Department. Phoenix Fire Department is known for their customer service. They go above and beyond for their citizens and this was taught by a former Chief who has since passed. Many times the activity of the fire department in the community starts from the top. You can see how busy this station is and they still make time to make community events. This is their Motto: “We will Prevent Harm, Survive and Be Nice.”

Discuss the following questions or create your own discussion from your observations which include information from the questions posed.

  1. Why do you think its important for everyone in the fire department to be involved in fire prevention week? Did the video show that children do remember the safety messages?
  2. Do you think that seeing the firefighters out in the community working with the elderly and the children will sway voters when it comes time to vote on fire department ballot measures?
  3. Do you think paid fire departments do less outreach than volunteer or combination department? Why?

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