Fiscal And Personnel Module 4 Project

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  Module 4 Project Course Project Assignment: Job Description and Specification In Module 3, you embarked on the task of job design by creating a job analysis. In this module, you will continue with this task by writing a job description and developing a job specification for this same job. Using the job analysis you created in the previous module as a guide, write a job description for that same job. You may use Figure 7.2 in Chapter 7 of your course text as a model. Your job description should include: Job title 1- to 2-sentence description of the job (i.e., overview of role/major tasks) Hours required of the job A list of responsibilities (at least three) Then, create a job specification that you might use for advertising this position. You may use Figure 7.4 in Chapter 7 of your course text as a model. Your job specification should include: Job title Qualifications (i.e., education, credentials, and/or certifications/licenses required) Experience needed A list of responsibilities (at least three) Hours and compensation Finally, write a paragraph in which you describe the following: Where you might advertise this position (identify at least two specific places) At least one additional method you might use to recruit candidates for this position Submit an MS Word document containing your job description, job specification, and descriptive paragraph by Day 7 of Week 8.

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