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Based on what you’ve read in Chapters 9 and 18 in Christopherson and “Returning to Organic Food” in Schwartz, as well as what you’ve viewed in the “Agriculture” powerpoint and audio lecture, the “Soil” powerpoint, and information from outside sources if necessary (such as annual precipitation totals & climatic factors in the south which would affect soil quality, or historical land-use in the region over the past four centuries) please respond to the following:

Combine 1) what you’ve learned about the negative effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on soil — please be specific — with 2) the US map showing where most organic cropland and farms are located (Agriculture Powerpoint) as well as 3) the map showing soil types across the U.S., and 4) historical land use/overuse in the region in order to do the following:

Theorize and explain why the soil in the US south (ultisol) is of such low quality.

Length: at least six to eight sentences

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