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Developing a Plan for Success In this University Orientation Seminar, you have become more familiar with the Capella courseroom and Campus, practiced using academic skills that you will continue to refine throughout your program, and  identified individuals, resources, and strategies to support you in reaching your goals. For this final assignment, you will create a personal Plan for Success. The purpose of this plan is to provide you with an opportunity to incorporate what you’ve learned in Orientation and prepare for your journey. Remember that this plan is for you. Responding to the questions below in detail will help you:   ·         Outline the steps you will take to achieve your goal of earning your degree. ·         Begin your journey by giving yourself direction, focus, and motivation. ·         Prepare for your first phone meeting with your academic coach. Creating Your Plan For each of the categories below, reflect on the topic and consider what you have learned throughout the University Orientation Seminar. Using the questions as a guide, write a 1−2 paragraph summary of your plan for each category.   Area 1: Goals and Mindset What are your personal and professional goals related to pursuing your degree? What do you want to be different in your career as a result of completing your degree, and what are the steps (in addition to your degree) that might help you achieve that? How will having a growth mindset help you reach your goals?     My plan for achieving my goals and maintaining a growth mindset:                       Area 2: Academic Resources In this Orientation, you began identifying resources and strategies to help you further develop your academic skills and successfully complete you program. Building upon the reflections you shared in your discussion and assignment work, which resources will you utilize to support your academic growth?   Note: You can use or expand on your Unit 1 discussion post and Unit 1 assignment here.     My plan for utilizing the resources available to me:                     Area 3: Support Most learners have a variety of roles and responsibilities, and as you transition to life as a new learner, it’s absolutely normal to reach out to others for support. Who can you enlist to help support your efforts? In what ways do you think they will be helpful? How will you ask them to assist you? How will reaching out to your support network help you manage your time and priorities?       My plan for building and utilizing my support network:                 Area 4: Financial Planning How are you financing your education? Have you calculated your estimated program costs? If you are using employer assistance or scholarships, have you completed the necessary paperwork to have your funds routed to your account? If you are using federal financial aid, have you completed your FAFSA and Financial Aid Agreement documents? Have you completed your Master Promissory Note? Do you know how much financial aid you have left against your Lifetime Limit?   Note: If you need assistance with your Financial Plan, contact a Financial Aid Representative You can reach them via phone at 1-866-933-5988, via email at or by submitting an appointment request here.     My plan for financing my education:                  

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