For this discussion use your resources in the Reading Assignments to research the bankruptcy process, capital structure, and legal structure. – Essaylink

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Discussion Assignment Unit One (01)

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In the discussion forum, you are expected to participate often and engage in deep levels of discourse.  Please post your initial response as early as possible and continue to participate throughout the unit. You are required to post an initial response to the question/issue presented in the Forum and then respond to at least 3 of your classmates’ initial posts.  You should also respond to anyone who has responded to you.

Your Discussion should be a minimum of 250 words in length and not more than 450 words. Please include a word count. Following the APA standard, use references and in-text citations for the textbook and any other sources.

For this discussion use your resources in the Reading Assignments to research the bankruptcy process, capital structure, and legal structure.

· Explain how these structures can impact a firm’s progress through the bankruptcy process. Provide examples.

In your response to three of your peers, compare and contrast your views with theirs.

·  Never use Wikipedia, Investopedia, or any *.pedia websites because these are not credible sources (Anyone can edit/add incorrect data to these sources)!  Use scholarly sources like peer-reviewed articles from the JSTOR database, .edu, and .gov websites.  Always give credit to the source! Make sure to use the APA format and visit Purdue University Online Writing Center (OWL) at

Written Assignment Unit 1

Submit a written paper which is 2-3 pages in length, exclusive of the reference page. Papers should be double spaced in Times New Roman font which is no greater than 12 points in size. The paper should cite at least one source independent of the textbook.

Case Study

Comic book sales have hit record highs due to the volume of comic book-based movies achieving great success. With each new movie and character announcement, collectors and investors feed off the speculation. Many collectors send their books for grading, certification, and encapsulation to protect their investments. The Exceptional Service Grading Company provides those services and wants to expand to assessing other publication formats, such as certifying large magazines and movie posters.

What is the company’s financial position? Please refer to the  income statement and balance sheet for the Exceptional Service Grading Company available here. Using the learning resources provided in the Reading Assignment, perform a financial ratio analysis of the company using the following ratios:

· Gross profit margin

· Current ratio

· Debt ratio

Locate two other ratios to calculate. Define them and explain their purpose and how they add value to your analysis.

Select significant lines from the financial statements and provide an observation of their trends. For example, if the account is increasing or decreasing in value, what would that indicate?

· Draw some conclusions based on your observations. For example:

· Is there any viability for a new project?

· Why do you think the assets of the company went up from 2017 to 2018?

· What implications does this have?

· What follow-up questions do you have to ask the company’s management?

Superior papers will:

· Provide correct values for calculations.

· Explain your approach to the problem.

· Support your approach with references, and execute your approach.

· Provide an answer to the case study questions with a recommendation.

This assignment will be assessed using the BUS 5111 Unit 1 Written Assignment (with calculations) rubric.

Portfolio Activity Unit 1

The Portfolio entry should be a minimum of 250 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources. For this week’s portfolio activity, please advise the instructor of the following:

· Discuss your strengths and weaknesses regarding your quantitative skills. Are there any quantitative skills that you are struggling with?

· Please let your instructor know how you feel as you begin the course and if you have any concerns as we move forward.

This activity is assessed using the Portfolio rubric.

Please note the following:

· Use the APA Style for referencing

· Use at least 3 references for each of the 3 Assignments (Discussion, Written & Portfolio Activity)

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