Fundamental info ( Task 1)

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Task 1 Information Systems for Business

Watch the video from start to end “Meeting the Challenge of Digital Transformation” with John Mancini.

                      • Click Here for the Video
                      • The entire video series is approximately 40 minutes in length.
                      • Log in in with your Stratford credentials
                      • Save your “Certificate of Completion” for uploading in Lesson 1 area.

Read/review the Article, “Keep Up with Technology and Keep Your Career Afloat.” This article will help you to complete Module 1 assignment.

You have been contacted by a small Ma’ and Pa’ company that is struggling to stay afloat in this high technology centered business environment. Most of its employees are over 50 years of age. The company however, is bringing in new employees who are five years or less out of college. The issue is that the current employees are having trouble keeping up with their younger counter parts. You have been hired by this company to develop a short training guide on ways to keep up with technologies in the work place for the company’s seasoned employees.

  • Use the article, “Keep Up with Technology and Keep Your Career Afloat.” to help you
  • Upload your writing assignment to Moodle.

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