Fundamentals of IT ( Discussion 4)

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Discussion 4

Think about some of the websites you visit most frequently. What makes to you keep returning to these sites? Share with the class 3 of your favorite websites. Be sure to explain to the class as to why these are you favorite websites. Based on the article you read in the assignment of this module titled, “Make Sure Your Small Business Website Does These 5 Things” post to the Forum an evaluation of one of your websites that you have shared. Does your website have these five things? If so, list them in detail. If not, what is it missing? This week your two responses to classmate’s postings will be to evacuate one of their favorite websites that they have shared to the Discussion Forum.

Be sure to post your own contribution as well as at least two replies to other students’ comments. Note that your replies should be substantial and thorough (not just “I agree” or “Well said”).

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