Fundraising Sources and the Fundraising Plan

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Your original response to the Discussion topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the Reading and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.

Fundraising Sources and the Fundraising Plan

For the purposes of answering the statements below, you are to identify an existing nonprofit organization in the field of human services. The organization can serve any population that is of interest to you. Please use the same organization for all of the required components on the Discussion Board.

  1. Assess some different funding sources for the nonprofit organization that you selected. Determine whether or not there are any funding sources not listed that you would pursue if you were in charge of fundraising for this organization.
  2. A fundraising campaign timetable is an important component of the fundraising plan. Utilizing Appendix C in your textbook, develop a campaign timetable for the organization that you chose based on the information that you learned about their funding sources. In your response, provide information on no more than 5 funding sources from the organization’s website. You do not have to provide this in a table format. Just write out the Fundraising Campaign (for example Annual Donor Recognition Dinner, and the month or months that the activity is going to occur). If the month is not provided for a funding source, you can provide one yourself.
  3. Based on information you gain from looking at the organization’s website, identify who the target markets would be for this organization. In your answer, be sure to explain why target markets are an important component of fundraising.
  4. Examine why it is important for nonprofit organizations to diversify their funding sources. In your answer, evaluate whether or not you see diversified funding sources in the organization that you chose.

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