Fur Trade in the Colonies

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Fur Trade in the Colonies 

The underlying premise of this project is that the three groups of people who shaped colonial New England (Europeans, Native Americans, and African Americans) encountered each other in many different spheres, and in so doing they forged a new culture. The domestic sphere, the battlefield, the place of worship, the marketplace, the school, the place of play, urban environments, and rural countrysides are just some of the spheres of encounter in colonial New England. For this project, select a sphere (broadly understood) and use it as a kind of laboratory for investigating the dynamic of cultural encounter and social change that took place among these groups of people. Because the focus of the assignment is on encounters, your paper must study the interactions of at least two of the three groups mentioned above. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 1. Topic Describe the impact of your topic on the broader development of colonial New England. 2. Source Material Critically analyze ideas from both primary and secondary sources. a. Evaluate your primary sources. What sources are you using? Why are you using those sources? b. Evaluate your secondary sources. How will your project be different from other secondary sources? 3. Argument Develop a thesis on the chosen topic that supports the argument, substantiated with evidence. 4. Articulation of Response Your paper must be free of technical errors and must present the argument and evidence in an inviting style. It must adhere to Chicago (Turabian) citation style and must include footnotes (or endnotes) and a bibliography page. The paper must be at least 10 pages in length; the title page and bibliography are not included in the final page count.

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